Sorry this blog has been on hiatus for a while, I still can’t answer asks until I find a way to make art for the answers. Hopefully, I’ll have a tablet before the end of the year. 

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I am not a god… I cannot be perfect… Yes, I have sinned, I admit it, but my responsibilities are beyond those of a mere mortal.

More Japhet. I find him rather tragic, like the other guardians. He was possibly the most self-aware though.


We love batter <3


i don’t know why i stopped using brushes. inking violent shit with them is so awesome.


[[ Dedan and sugar are not on speaking terms. ]]

I’m really sorry for being so inactive guys,  still no tablet and school started this past week. I’ll try to get back into everything, I can start answering asks with hand drawings, but the quality will be low.

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Wear your headphones, close your eyes and listen.

You cruel… cruel… why… WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO ME?!


Mortis Ghost confirmed what the Queen was saying on his DA. I’m laughing because the Queen says “Va ranger ta chambre” backwards. That literally means “Go clean your room”.


Characters: Vader Ehola, Piment

Summary: Piment, pregnant with her son, discovers things she isn’t supposed to…

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